Can you spot your penis?

I’ve tried but had no luck… A ‘spot the penis’ test was carried out on men 35-60. A huge (no pun intended) 33% couldn’t spot ‘it’ because their huge beer bellys block it’s view. What i want to know is how they could check that they really couldn’t see it? Surely there would have been some people who were insistent that they could, were they asked to draw a picture of it? Or maybe they tied something to the end of it? Unfortunately the article doesn’t answer either of my questions but the link is below if you want a closer look – so to speak!

Yesterday, the puppy and I went to watch the Didsbury mens cricket team. We stupidly took a slight detour via the park. I had been warned by Mrs Smith that there was a muddy puddle, in the park, that puppy likes to bathe in but he seemed to walk straight past it. What he was actually doing was going straight to the actual puddle..


problem was, we then had to get on the bus..

We decided to make a sharp exit from the bus!


2 responses to “Can you spot your penis?

  1. This doesn’t come as a surprise when almost 3/4 of the American population is overweight; that is my motivation to stay in top notch shape , so I can always see mine lol!

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