Obsessed with the library?

I’ve been saying this for a while but the students are definitely back now. I have never seen so many students in a library before. It was very odd! And they all looked happy to be there! Again very odd! Here they all are, I’m still convinced they were only queueing because they thought they were a) getting something free or b) mistook it for a bar

Today also saw the return of the man who surely everyone has seen or more likely, heard! Yes its the famous man who cycles around Manchester with a boombox on the back of his bicycle.

I would love to spend a whole day following this guy around. How does he power his boombox? Maybe its pedal powered! That would be amazing! How many different songs does he have on his boombox? Does he ever stop cycling? And lastly, how has his bike or the boombox NEVER been stolen!? Answers greatly appreciated…

Great news on the book front. I have found somewhere who is able to print it cheaper but with better quality – strange but true! So I am able to offer the book at £6 and whats even better is that it is signed by the puppy himself. Obviously if you need it posting it may be slightly more, contact me if you would like to order one.


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