One for sorrow

Lots of single magpies flying around at the moment and it’s probably very obvious why…

I’m not going to go in to why the last week has been so shit because knowing my luck it would get twisted and end up in the papers but I do have some things i’d like to say. Firstly I’d like to say how sorry I am to hear about Fiona and what happened, my thoughts are with her family and girlfriend. It doesn’t feel real to be honest. Secondly, it was reported today that the bastard that killed them wouldn’t get a fair trial, in my book he doesn’t deserve a fair trial. I agree that anyone who kills a police officer should be hung… by their bollocks . Thirdly, all those people who covered for him, that knew where he was, that sat in the pubs beside him while he supped his drinks, that made that call to the police – You as good as pulled that trigger too. You are scum. And that is all i’m going to say.

Someone posted a book back to the library today, it came with the following letter.

I love how it was simply ‘a delay’. Brilliant.

I’ve looked everywhere for this picture and I can’t seem to find it anywhere! There’s a car that has been in our car park since November that literally hasn’t moved and is happily taking up two parking spaces. The tyres are completely flat and there’s enough bird shit on it to make look part of the bushes behind it! It has rained so much today that it looks like new! My guess is she just chucked some fairy liquid out of the window and let the rain do the rest. Hopefully someone might think about nicking it now. I’ll even help push it out on to the road. Any takers?


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