Tea and sympathy please, I’m a champion.

I have the lurgey and I am not a good patient. I hate being ill. I feel and look like a tramp. I am currently stuffing my face with tea and chocolate cake even though I’m pretty sure it’s going to make me sick. Luckily I’ve got doctor Mylo and nurse Leo and Disco on hand.

Had a lovely weekend. It was our champions cricket dinner at a very posh golf club in Frodsham, we finally got our hands on the division 3 trophy. Shame it didn’t stay in one piece until the end of the night, on the bright side it now looks like we have 2 pieces of silverware. Oops! Some no more nails should do the trick. Here’s a pic of me with the said trophy (with one piece clinging on for dear life)

You’ll see that I’m wearing a moustache too – just like any other normal night out really. The weird but is that I’m wearing a frock! I actually enjoyed dressing like a girl, haven’t quite worked out how to sit like one yet though and kept being told off by Sarah because I was sitting like ‘a man’. Here are me and the girls after a few beers showing off our muscles. We are strong like bull.

My nana always used to say that you could judge an establishment by its toilets and these toilets were impressive! I have never seen toilets like them. There were mirrors everywhere, showers, hairdryer and most importantly a ready supply of toilet roll – Bonus! Here is a picture of the toilets, unfortunately we got in the way of the picture. We thought Sarah was taking a photo of our socks. My mistake.


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