This post comes with some warnings..

Ok so before I begin on today’s ranting post i must make a few things clear;

  1. I have nothing against Charity shops, I go in them all the time. I love a good bargain!
  2. I have nothing against knitting, it’s just not my thing
  3. I have nothing against stick on greeting cards
  4. I have nothing against the Krankies
  5. And finally I understand that not all nob heads are tone-deaf

More of this later.

My books finally arrived from the printers on Friday! They look brilliant and I think Mylo agreed too…

Remember you too can now be the proud owner of ‘Who stole my food?’ and get it signed by the puppy detective, you can get it here now . Puppy will be soon making some surprise visits around Manchester soon so keep your eyes open for that.

So yesterday was one of our craft fairs. We were sharing a shop space with other people but didn’t know who the other people were. The first person looked like Mrs Krankie and was selling what could only be described as diamond encrusted anal beads and lucky for us were decorating all of the front shop window. The second was a mad woman who looked like she had got in to a fight with some wool and a knitting needle. There was knitted baby stuff EVERYWHERE including the other window. Excellent! So if you could actually see what was in the shop you would have seen the 3rd woman. She was one of these people who thought she could sing but what she was actually doing was attracting all the dogs in the neighbourhood. And it’s people like her boyfriend that do my head in, they encourage these tone death nob heads to sing out and share it with the shop. So, Mrs Krankie had a lovely clothes stand to hang all her ‘rainbow catchers’ off which she put outside the shop window and to give her her dues they were very popular. Not to be outdone though the mad old woman decided to put something outside the shop too. She put a box of her shite cards on a half-broken chair and a revolving clothes rail with all her knitted booties and cardigans on. It looked like a fucking charity shop outside! I have to admit if I had been walking past I wouldn’t have bothered going in. In the afternoon I decided to play them at their own game and joined them outside with a stack of our stuff and then the annoying singing woman joined us, there was more stuff outside than there was inside at this point! One thing that did make us laugh was her conversation with a customer, she was telling them that all her cards were handmade by her. ‘There’s this website that I print all the pictures from but I’m the one that cuts them out and sticks them on’ So basically she knows her way around a pritt stick and can use a pair of scissors. She also printed out some ‘lovely verses’ for the inside too. Lovely. Here’s a pic of me in the street surrounded by anal beads


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