I love sausages. Sausage barms, sausage on toast, sausage wrapped in bacon, toad in the hole, big sausages, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls.. Just yum. Today I learnt something new about sausages and here it is.

Why should you not prick Richmond sausages? I decided to google and low and behold it is actually an FAQ on the Richmond site. Quoting from the site: “Pricking sausages reduces succulence and increases splitting.” So there you go! I also learnt that you shouldn’t ask Mrs Smith to go and get you sausage butty. I thought she may have gone to the cafe but instead she wandered into the butchers! Maybe it’s my fault for not making it clear that I actually wanted to eat it.

What is better than some wellies and a dog? A dog made of wellies!



Talking of doggies, we will be producing a new range of bags, t-shirts and cards that are doggy related so stay tuned for that!

And something that really made me laugh today, it was in the news that an elderly couple had bought a ‘shrub’ from a car boot only to find out that it was actually one of the biggest cannabis plants they had ever seen. Here’s the full story


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