New year, same old routine.

2012 I have something to say…
Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Hello 2013! Don’t you just love the start of a new year, all the promises you make that things will be different this year. ‘I’m going to try to eat some fruit and veg’, ‘I’m going to get fit’, ‘I’m going to do more tidying’.. Hahahahahaha Whatever! I’ve spent all day sleeping, I’ve not cleaned up from last night and I’m about to order take away.

Back to work tomorrow, which seems a bit harsh to me. Anyone who had a decent New Years Eve will surely be in recovery until the end of the week! I am NOT looking forward to getting up tomorrow. For over a week now I’ve been really struggling to sleep and last night was no different. I was still awake at half 3 watching stuff online, woke up at what some consider to be lunch time and then continued to doze in and out for the rest of the day. Hopefully a bit of hard graft tomorrow will do the trick. Ok, who am I kidding. The only thing I will be doing at work tomorrow will be drinking tea and cuddling up to my heater. I should have asked for a special library blanket for Christmas, next year maybe!

First shit thing to happen of 2013, the take away man has just called me to say they don’t have any beef burgers in, would I like a chicken burger instead!? Does this man not know anything!? They’re not even from the same animal! Can you imagine if i had ordered a pepperoni pizza and he rang and asked if the vegetarian one was ok!! I shall NOT be frequenting this place again!


5 responses to “New year, same old routine.

  1. I love this! “They’re not even from the same animal…” LOL. Just for the record, that is the funniest pic I’ve seen this year! Have a great one! Cheers.

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