Did you check the vault?

First day back at work and I managed to survive it on just 4 hours sleep, hurray for me. I thought I might be ready for a snooze now but I appear to be full of beans. Actually that’s a lie, I don’t like beans. The only downside of doing nothing at work was seeing my arch-enemy who shall be named ‘The Onion’ – She hurts my eyes and stinks. Hopefully she’ll be rolling away to another vegetable bowl soon!


One weird thing I witnessed at work today was a student. I could probably end that sentence right there! I was waiting in the queue of the most expensive cafe in the world, the library lounge, when I see a student heading towards the vending machine with his laptop. I was quite impressed actually, they usually leave their belongs unattended for someone to rob, that was until i saw what he was doing. He was showing his friend, through the power of his webcam, the vending machines! And not to leave anything or anyone out, he continued to show the friend the whole of the cafe including me queuing! Must be a thrill a minute on a night out with him!

In other news. Mrs Smith and I are awaiting some exciting parcels and she rang me on the way home to say that one had been delivered but had been left in a ‘safe location’. As you can imagine I started to panic, for those that don’t know my gas meter was stolen last month so i didn’t hold out much hope of the parcel still being there. So I get home to find this in the letterbox…


That’s right, the ultra ‘safe location’ was in our blue bin! It was my obviously my fault for not leaving the code to our vault in the basement. How did the stupid parcel man know that the bins weren’t due to be emptied!? Why would he think that leaving a cardboard box in a smelly, rain leaking, half full bin would be ‘safe’? Maybe the clever dick should try working for British gas or at an estate agents. They are generally fuckwits too. I’m just bitter because my parcel didn’t arrive. Or maybe it did and it’s in a plant pot or down the drain. I will be sure to check there later!

Photo credit: http://favim.com/image/25159/


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