I like to ‘hack’

Last night i managed not to scare my tiredness away and was asleep before 1am. Only problem is that I’ve felt worse today than i did yesterday on just 4 hours! Work was a real struggle not only because there was lots of banging going on and i had a headache but because I had another siting of ‘The Onion’. *Shudder* My other work enemy ‘The Remote’ was seen ‘working’ today, wonder if it’s a New Years Resolution?

So on my journey home, in between nodding off, I saw this…

What is a turkish shave? Is it by a turkish man? Or do they use a turkey? Does the turkey pluck each hair out with its beak? I googled it and it mentioned the word ‘fire’! By the sounds of it, they burn your face off. I suppose it’s one way of getting rid of all the hair but I think i’ll stick with my ‘English shave’ – The ‘hacking’ of leg hair complete with cuts around the knee and ankles, this is usually done 5 minutes before a big event. Complications include stinging and itching of the legs for 48 hours, some reported leg falling off.

Come back tomorrow to find out if and what time i managed to fall asleep tonight. Thrill a minute stuff!


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