Cheese and Bark

I’d like to begin today’s blog with a question, what are crisps made from?
Is it a) Potatoes or b) trees

It is of course b) those well-known trees outside, according to Mrs Smith. And why did she think that? Because they had a ‘barky’ taste to them apparently. For one blonde moment she actually thought they were made from trees. There you go kids, eat your paper and write on your potatoes! You heard it here first!

014508 copy

I managed to get some sleep last night which was nice but I must admit i do miss how productive i was last week. Showering at 2am, sweeping at 2.30am, sewing the sofa back together at 3am… Our fur babies treat the sofa like a scratch post which is bad enough but to make matters worse it isn’t actually our sofa – Ooops! I must have spent well over an hour cutting and sewing, i left it unguarded for no more than 20 seconds only to find Leo attacking it again!! Luckily my superb stitching managed to withstand the claws of the tiger boy and it remained in one piece, well for now anyway!


So Mrs Smith and I were sat in the living room minding our own business this evening when we hear this squeaking noise coming from outside, was it a car, a door, the wheels on the bin even? No, it was the twat upstairs bouncing up and down on a pogo stick! Random! It wouldn’t surprise me if we found him space hopping down the stairs later.

‘The Onion’ was spotted today smiling, it must have been wind.





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