Today’s post comes slightly later than planned due to an unexpected afternoon nap.

There was drama at the flats last night, or should i say early in the morning. I was woken at 5am by lots of banging, it sounded like someone was in the flat. So after lying there wondering which one of my many weapons to use, I put my Wonder Woman outfit on and got up. Luckily there was no one in the flat but I could see the outside light on so i knew something was going on. I looked outside to find this where our car used to be

I must point out that the car wasn’t exchanged for the timber. Luckily we had moved the car earlier in the week! So you may be asking yourself, where did the timber come from? Did the tree fairies take time out of making crisps and drop it off as a gift? Did it fall from the sky? No, the twat upstairs stole it from the building site next door and then began moving it in to the cellar. I’d like to remind you that this is 5 in the morning and is the same twat that was pogo sticking yesterday! Anyway, back to the drama. Next minute the police turn, I’m very excited at this point. They try forcing their way in the front door then went for the easier option of pressing the buzzer. I answered in my sheep patterned dressing gown and they said they had had reports of things being stolen from the building site next door. Anyway, I let them in and they followed the trail of bark and timber to find the offender. I’m not really sure what happened after that, despite pressing my ear against the door i couldn’t hear anything. I do know that they made him take some timber back out and then drove off with flashy lights. Part of me wondered whether they had arrested him for crimes against timber and urgently had to lock him up. I will never know. One thing to note during this was that our guard puppy didn’t stir once throughout all this, he slept through the entire thing!

So on to today’s antics. I had an early morning badminton game with Mrs T, Haemogoblin and The Great White. As you can imagine, I had a super silky backhand followed by the powerful forehand.. and I still only managed to hit Mrs T a few times. I don’t think i’ve got the hang of badminton, you mean you’re not supposed to hit your doubles partner? Oh well, it was great fun and we even manged to win! I fear the backlash of that comment! After that we went to walk the pug babies and then for a bite at Nandos. Ahh the king of the Chicken, or is that a Cockerel? I can’t imagine going to a place called Cockerel for something to eat, might make a good cocktail bar though. Was quite proud that i didn’t cry this time, is was touch and go at one point though. After all the chicken, i came home for a very small nap, so small that it was only for about 3 hours and as a result missed going to the cinema with Mrs T for her choice of film. Shame.

And so the sleepless cycle begins again. Yay!


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