Insomnia cure

Today i had a 2 hour presentation about our new library management system. Where was this when I couldn’t bloody sleep last week!? I felt like i was being punished for something except i didn’t know what it was! It was warm and dark, perfect snoozing conditions! The only thing that kept me awake was how uncomfortable the chair was.

It’s fair to say i’m not in a good mood at the moment. I’ve felt pretty shit today and everyone is doing my head in. It’s a good job i’m not in ‘The Sims’ with your thoughts displayed for all to see. I wondered what mine would look like at the moment so i’ve done a little mock-up. Here I am in the library, I have no idea why I’m wearing my bikini. It must have been dress down day or something. I’ve quite clearly just put the last slice of pizza in my mouth and overdone it on the fake tan.

Laura Sims


I’m gonna go to bed early tonight, I love my bed. It’s the only place i really want to be at the moment.



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