I’m the King of the whingers, the jungle VIP.

I started work at 8am today. This may not seem like anything usual to some but to me it was like starting work in the middle of the night. It was still dark outside and there were drunk people about, maybe that has more to do with where i live than anything else! So, with the early start comes the house wifely duties in the evening. I washed some pots this evening and I did it naked. Before you get carried away, I mean my hands were naked because I didn’t wear any Marigolds. I washed a cheese grater that had a mixture of cheese, sweetcorn and lettuce on it. The thought of that piece of sweetcorn just floating about in the bowl made me feel sick. I don’t know why, I imagine i’d be sickened by a floating pea and bean too. Maybe it’s some sort of phobia. I’m going to google!

So on to my bus journey. Surprisingly busy for that time in the morning, not many empty seats so had to sit next to someone, they were very pleasant and moved up for me. At first I questioned whether they were implying that I had a giant ass but then realised that this person wasn’t a student (they’d all still be in bed at the time) and therefore had some manners. One thing did happen though that really really REALLY angers me. I’m sat there minding my own business when I look down into the aisle and see this…


AARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH! That’s right it’s the dickhead sat behind me, his feet literally right next to me. I spent the entire journey getting more and more agitated by it so I gave him what he deserved. As I got off, I trampled on his feet!! That’ll teach him, the winkle picking nob head!

While i’m on a rant, I hate my oven. It’s shit! I put my chips in the oven, kept checking on them because they still looked frozen and then bam.. They look like they have been flame grilled! I’m starting to think there’s an oven gremlin in there that likes to play with fire.


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