I got mugged by a tree

Ahhh the weekend. I get to be lazy, have a lie in, dress like a tramp and spend some time with my fur babies. I have achieved all but one of these so far today. Luckily for me the builders next door started working again this morning at 7am, then lucky for them they finished and went home at 10am. Joy!

Me and the girls at work were talking about cooked breakfasts the other day and I was telling them that you can now buy breakfast in a tin. That alone sounds awful, so i went to my favourite supermarket, ‘Sainsburys’ or maybe that should be ‘Stalkerburys’, to have a look what comes in it. Brace yourselves.


  • Beans
  • Sausage
  • Button Mushrooms
  • Pork and chicken with cereal nuggets
  • Bacon

What on earth are pork and chicken with cereal nuggets!? I thought this concept was bad but then i looked what was shelved next to it… BBQ food in a tin! If I EVER see ‘pizza in a tin’, I’m leaving the country! The photo credit belongs to www.britishfood4you.de – Nice to know that when I do leave the country I can still get my English food.

I saw the onion this week. She was wearing a red jumper, she was a ‘Red Onion’ Hahaha. I actually laughed about that to myself as she passed me. Her face constantly looks like she’s trying to have a poo, someone pass this girl some Senokot.

As I was on my way back with the shopping, some stupid nettle bush tried to grab my bag!! I had to wrestle with it to make it let go. Sarah had to hold me back before I started giving it a piece of my mind!

I love my puppy, he’s staring at me with such love in his eyes. The way he’s tilting his head is making my little heart melt. Oh. How rude, he just wants my ginger biscuit! LAURA DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!!!





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