I’ll huff and i’ll puff and i’ll..

I’m no plumbing professional but even i know that electricity and water don’t mix. Seems the previous boiler men must have been off sick during that part of the course. After 9 days without heating and hot water, 2 different plumbers and an electrician they have realised that the boiler isn’t working because it’s been leaking water on to the motherboard which has corroded! So now the wait is on to get new parts or a new boiler, I can only hope that these incompetent buffoons don’t come and fit the new one!

While i’m on the subject of flats/landlords. It appears our car park has turned into a furniture store. Someone has kindly removed the feet off one of the sofas and there is only a bit of mould. Any takers?

Any takers?

Who needs DFS!

In other news, the onion has come back to the fruit bowl. Great! I should have known by the large dark cloud that was sat over the library for the entire day. I’ve never known someone’s face to be quite so offensive as hers. She actually spoke to me though or maybe grunted would be a more appropriate word. Either way I sent her on her way in a huff, I quite enjoyed that.

So yesterday I left you with a cliffhanger. Did Mylo like his baked goods? Let’s have a look!

Waiting patiently

First bite

After a little sniff he goes in for the first bite

And it's gone! Judging by his tongue, it's a winner!

And it’s gone! Just look at that tongue!

Despite the fact that puppy doesn’t usually like hard biscuits he absolutely loved these. And as for the popsicle, he ate it in one go! ‘Mylo’s Munchies’ here I come!


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