Horse or brains?

Not only did we win our cricket game yesterday but i managed to catch 3 people out! That has to be some sort of record! I’m ignoring the bit where i went into bat and was out on the third ball. No one needs to know that. It does mean I have a massive dilemma on my hands now though, clearly hairy legs when fielding has turned me into some sort of catching ninja but it seems I can no longer hit the ball when I bat. There will be some tough decisions to make over the next week or so. Should I go with one hairy, one not? And if so, which leg!? If I get them the wrong way round who knows what could happen!

Mylo’s Munchies is coming along nicely. I made some cheese and carrot biscuits for him yesterday and so far they are his favourite. I’m hoping to make some other stuff this weekend, though the thought of chicken stock and honey in the same thing makes me want to vomit! I went into the pound shop to buy a few bits and came across this..


What happened to rolling pins?

Glad it clearly states it’s movable. I could have looked a right fool if I had tried to and couldn’t.

I hate hiccups missed all the madness around the horse meat saga but during my visit to tesco i was more concerned by this. Looking at the tiny size of the brains I can only assumed they were modelled on ‘The onions’ brain, presuming she has one of course.


I wonder if there are Mrs Brains

So it’s time for our first sort of interview/guest blogger person. A lot of people ask Mrs Smith how she copes with me. So she’s written a piece on what it’s like to live with me. Enjoy!

I can sum it up in a few words: karaoking to 80s songs, face painting, fancy dress and belly laughs. I kid you not, I once was away for a few days and received a series of text messages all with Laura with different face paints on, it’s what she does when she’s bored! I guess living with Laura is a bit like a cross between living with a 5 year old and a man. The 5 year has all the crazy ideas, the colouring books, the bath toys and the cute little face – the man is the part of her that sits on the sofa when she gets in from work and doesn’t move until it involves one of the above and asks for cups of tea. She also likes her bed… getting her up is damn near impossible as it keeping her awake when she says she NEEDS her evening naps, and her weekend naps, and her holiday naps. 

There’s the slightly annoying part of living with Laura too… the part when she decides to start throwing the ball around for Mylo at midnight when we’re about to go to sleep and the fact that SHE. CAN. NOT. USE. A. WASHING. BASKET! Or a washing machine for that matter! She likes to dye her hair purple which is all well and good but add that to a white bathroom and you have a disaster and speaking of hair, she cuts her hair on a regular basis and seems to think that the place you put freshly cut hair is on the floor. Not the bin. The floor.

Then there’s Laura who decides she wants to tidy up and sort things out. So she gets everything out of the wardrobes, the cupboard and the drawers. Pretends to sort them and tidy them. Then leaves the mess.

She’s cute though, so she tends to get away with everything with just one little look. And she always seems to get her own way too, I’m pretty sure I didn’t want the living room to look how it does…

Living with Laura is pretty fabulous overall, despite the mess and the purple hair covering the bathroom floor, in fact living with her might well be the best decision I’ve ever made (excluding adopting the fur babies, they’re much cleaner than Laura!)

Well, at least she doesn’t say i’m boring!





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