The Great Noodle Escape

The day started with plans to spend it in the sunshine, going for a walk and having some lunch in Buxton but It was slowly turning into the most expensive trip in world. Mrs Smith has been making rat shaped hints for a while now and i thought it would be nice to go and at least have a look. I should have known then that we’d be coming home with something furry and here they are..


The blonde is called Deborah and Sarah’s brown one is called Noodles. These little gerbils were taken back to the shop after their owners didn’t want them anymore. I really need to man up! The people at Pets at Home advised us to get the very expensive £70 cage, after i got back up off the floor we got the cheaper one instead! We got home and as we begin to unpack we discover that the cage is actually broken so it’s back we go to get a replacement. So finally home, cage – check! Food – check! Bedding – Check! Gerbils – Errr?

Whilst we were out Noodles had chewed her way out of the carry case! After a Operation Fur Ball we managed to rescue her from under the bed and she is now nice and snug in her little house.

A truely lovely day despite this stroppy cow turning round to give us evils on the bus. Maybe she caught a glimpse of herself in the reflection of the bus window and realised what a dick she looked in socks and sandals


Does anyone know the emergency number of the fashion police?


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