I’m a pointer

When people look back at my life i’m convinced at least half of it will have been spent waiting for and being on a bus stuck in traffic. One thing that has always fascinated me though is how people stop the bus, so here are 7 ways i have witnessed people use to try and stop the bus. Please note: No buses were stopped during the making of these photos.


1. The carpark attendant. Buses always seem to turn right when I do this.

2. The pointer

2. The pointer. I love to point at stuff. Here I am pointing at the other side of the road.


3. The taxi hail. Can be very confusing for the bus driver, some of them don’t even know their own names


4. The telepathist. Imagine the shock when the bus didn’t stop for this person, I imagine he was beaten with a stick by the other people waiting


5. The Shy stopper. Grow some balls and stick your arm out properly!


6. The egyptian. This is usually done by an older ladie who has handbag dangling from her elbow. You can gurantee that i will be smacked in the back of the head by it when they are getting off


7. The hitch hiker. They always seem suprised when they realise they have to pay. They end up paying with 2’s and 5ps.

I’d love to hear some of your bus stopping stories so get in touch! My all time favourite was doing an egyptian/car park attendant combo and a cyclist high fiving me!

So on to food now, I’ve done some more baking today. Sarah asked if i would make her some cheese scones and considering Sarah’s previous encounters with the oven have ended badly so i thought it was only right to step up and do my bit. Here they are before and after.

IMG-20130707-WA0003 IMG-20130707-WA0002

Mrs Smith they were yummy even with our crappy oven. They weren’t cheesy enough for me so I made a little cheese scone sandwich


And here is Mylo’s latest biscuit,


Honey and Cream Cheese sandwich


4 responses to “I’m a pointer

    • See, I like to be the decider of my own bus destiny. But making someone else do it may put you in ‘The telepathist’ category. You’re a brave man!

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