Quack quack

I had a cricket game last night, another well deserved win for the ladies of Didsbury and another duck for me. Really don’t know what is up with me at the moment. Maybe if we played with a football sized ball i’d have a better chance of hitting the damn thing! I wonder if i’m thinking about it too much now. Felt a bit sick towards the end and only managed one sausage off the BBQ. I could eat 5 without breaking into a sweat usually!

It’s been a another hot day today, I’m bored with it now. Can we have some rain or at least some wind! And not hot wind, that’s just pointless. Not really done much today, it’s been far too hot. Where was this weather when we had no heating for 2 weeks!? One thing i did do today was bake. I made a pizza from scratch including the base and tomato topping AND even more impressive, no smoke alarms went off! I’m getting good at this baking lark and i’m enjoying it too! To make the base you basically throw a few ingredients into a bowl and you’re done. The topping was made up by Mrs Smith.

1074574_659073690770129_1957824585_o 1074535_659082507435914_399716352_o


Find the recipe here http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/2122/quick-and-easy-pizza-dough.aspx

I only used half the dough to make this pizza and left the remaining half in cling film. Went in about hour later to see that it had grown massively! I should have realised that the yeast in this heat would be thriving! Here is it now


It was originally half the size of the Pepsi can, I imagine it will growing down the hallway by the morning! I’ve created a monster! I will call him Winston.


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