Public apology

Last night i got told off by Mr WordPress and his friends for using the forum as ‘bulletin boards for blog promotion’ All I asked was where the right place was to post if anyone would like to be a guest blogger! There used to be a part of the forum that used to allow that but it has now vanished into thin air. So I may have replied a little childishly with this ‘I was only asking! Had i known beforehand i wouldn’t have posted it in here! #calmdown’ I now fully regret what i said and wish to make a public apology. I wish I had used #mrwordpressneedsashag instead.

After a successful night of no food poisoning from the pizza i decided to up the risk factor by making some burgers. I couldn’t find a recipe i liked so i basically put a few things in a bowl and hoped for the best! Mince, mustard, Worcester sauce, salt, pepper and parsley.


It looks giant on that small BBQ!


Cooked to perfection


I’m starting to bald and i have one giant arm!!

All burgers taste nice on a BBQ, even mine! What was even more of a result was that my mum said they were nice. Yay! Had a lovely evening at my mums, got a bit chilly by the end. Had to wear something i swore i never would – Think i manage to pull it off though.


These weren’t just socks, these were fluffy socks!

I’d like to leave you all today with a piece of advice. This is what i found on my mums candle oil holder. Take note everyone..


Can something be fuller than full?


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