I’ve been robbed

My money has been taken and in the worst possible way. Now, I have to be in the mood for chocolate and even then I can be fussy but i am quite partial to chocolate buttons. So off I trot to the shop on my lunch to buy some to accompany my sausage roll and gingerbread man when i see this


75p for a packet of buttons!!? So to try to give them the benefit of the doubt i decided to count how many buttons i got.


A measly 28 buttons!

Imagine the shock horror when i realise there isn’t even 30! It works out that they are charging me approximately 2.6p per button! This is outrageous! I feel like my money would have been better spent on actual bar of dairy milk, surely that would have given me a better chocolate to pence ratio.

I should have known it was going to be a bad day when my polos got stuck in the vending machine at work.


So near yet so far

The bus journey on the way home just topped my day off nicely. The bus driver had the heating on! There he was with his window wide open singing away to himself whilst we melting, I swear the bus windows were steaming up at one point. I thought I had actually got on some sort of sauna bus by mistake. Ooo, I wonder if there are such things, lets google – Well would you believe it..


But why should you have to wait for the sauna bus when you can steam your ass off whilst you wait for it!



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