Overdosed on cricket

I am absolutely knackered. Since Thursday there hasn’t been a day when I haven’t played or watched cricket!

Thursday was the beginning of the Ashes. Friday night after work we had a little trip down to Crewe for a very important game against Wistaston. We batted first and managed to post our highest score of the season, Poppins even managed Didsbury’s first ever 50 but it still wasn’t quite enough. They beat our score with just 3 balls to go. Of all the sports I have played over the years, this is the most gutted i have felt over a loss. We threw everything at them including the kitchen sink but captain miserable just kept knocking them back. They invaded the pitch in celebration at the end which was a bit much, that really did rub salt in the wounds. Saturday, Mrs Smith and I went to watch the Didsbury gents play whilst picnicking with the ladies of Didsbury. Not sure Mrs Smith had the best view though


This is what happens when I don’t straighten my hair

Sunday was a rematch of Friday’s game but we were on home soil this time and it was 30 overs – The first this season. They turned up with captain miserable again and a little extra from Friday – An ex England International! Again we batted first. I was out for another duck – I am officially not going in as a ‘batter’ anymore! The one thing that did cheer me up was listening to their captain threaten with them forfeit for mistakes that were made in the field! Maybe she was ex army or something? We knew we had to get captain miserable out and the England player as early as possible. We got the captain out after a few overs and I managed to get the England player out! Quite possibly the best thing I will ever do in my cricket career. Unless I manage to score more than 10 runs or something. It was very tense towards the end but we managed to bowl them all out and won! From the lows of Friday to the highs of Sunday! It was a real team effort and will probably go down as the best win we have ever had. As you can imagine they weren’t too happy and left almost immediately, which i found hilarious! This evening we had a training game and I don’t think there is any part of my body that doesn’t hurt at the moment.

The league is wide open and it’s in our hands now. Track our league progress here http://cheshirewomenscl.play-cricket.com/leagueTables/divisionTable.asp?id=10059867&seasonid=26


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