‘I nearly lost Jesus’

4 words I thought I would never hear come from Mrs Smith’s mouth. She was of course referring to her Jesus pen topper. Shame the people on the bus wouldn’t have known that when she shouted it at the top of her voice!


The Lost and Found poster would have been interesting!

I was waiting for the bus earlier, a bus that i must admit doesn’t usually stop at mine, but it started to slow down when it saw me waiting. So I thought I might aswell stick my arm out (pointer style) to stop it and to my delight it started to slow down. What i didn’t realise was that he slowed down so he could read the bus stop sign before speeding up again at the last minute! This has pretty much summed up my week so far.

It’s not been all bad though. I noticed this when I stuck in traffic the other night which seemed to sum up the people in it.


A van full of dicks

And this which is my personal favourite. Well I suppose you’re not going to remember the company name or slogan in a hurry!


Can’t say i have actually….

I have a cricket game tomorrow, I hope my grandad will be watching from his seat in the sky. I remember playing cricket on a family holiday and him being the umpire. He disappeared about half way through to go to the loo. So when he didn’t come back out I went to find him. He was sat reading the paper in the house because he thought we had finished! Miss you x



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