My day of fun by Mylo Smith


Rama said I could blog today because my blogs are the best.

I woke up really excited because my rama’s said i was going to a fun day but i always have a fun day. I was very confused.

I went to the bus stop and checked the times


How embarrassing, rama hadn’t shaven her legs. I can’t take her anywhere these days.


Rama had to help me get my ticket, I didn’t have anywhere to keep my change.


They had a red carpet just for me! How did they know I was coming!?


There was lots of things there. Balls, balls and more balls. I love balls. I saw two of my friends too. Aunty Claire and Molly No. I bet Molly’s mummy shaves her legs!


We went into this room and they had music on and lots of treats. I was too excited to eat the biscuits and rama was scared of the drinks because it had fruit in


I caught rama giving treats to another doggy, she is in my bad books


Oh my god, is this really why they brought me here!?!?


Next, I went for a massage. The lady says i have a poorly back but it felt better when she had given it a rub.


We waited to go on a treasure hunt but it was too hot so we just sunbathed for a bit. Rama put a silly hat on


then she made me wear one too!


I love my rama.


We went to the Horse and Jockey. I didn’t see any horses but a nice man brought me some treats.


Then it was time to go home. I had a lovely day and i got lots of treats. Can’t wait to start eating them all.


I had a little sleep on the bus on the way home. It’s hard work being this handsome



One response to “My day of fun by Mylo Smith

  1. Dogs’ blogs are the best!! The Great and Magnificent Badger sends his greetings and felicitations on, your blog, dear Mylo and also concurs as to how embarrassing unshaven human legs are . Hairs are perfectly acceptable on legs – and I should know….! And it will become law when I rule the world. Toodle pip!

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