Flashy car syndrome

Another weekend full of cricket but this time a weekend full of wins. Brilliant game on Friday evening against our local rivals Bredbury. Vorder’s getting an amazing 70 and Nidda with an impressive 40. They are only numbers I can dream of at the moment! Bredbury had a total of 170 to get but fell short in the end. I actually felt a bit bad for them when they were all out, I must be going soft. Another 2 wickets in the bank though, I think i officially have more wickets than runs this season. So on to today, we went down to Oxton for a potential league winning game. Luckily it was dry when we turned up but we still needed saw dust pretty much all over the pitch. They must have a big hamster! Even despite the ‘Carry On’ style fielding at one point, we managed to keep them to 45. I managed to get 3 wickets and a rather extravagant catch. Then the rain came down, it was touch an go for a while but the ladies braved it and got the win with 7 wickets to spare and without a welly in sight. When the league table is updated we should be sitting pretty at the top! Yay!

On the way home Kipper and i saw this…


I have seen some number plates in my time but ’69 LOV’ wasn’t the worst thing about this, it was the person that was driving it. A scally would have been bad enough but it was some balding middle aged man with a porn star tash. And next to him was the lucky lady that i presume would have been getting the 69 loving. Someone pass me a bucket. You know what they say about men in flash cars – they need a lot of waxing?

This goes out to the old cunt at the bus stop yesterday. I’m sorry Mylo was sniffing around in your bag and I’m sorry I look young enough to be a teenager but this doesn’t give you the right to behave and speak to me like an arsehole. I only hope i’m not as bitter and saggy as you are when i’m your age. You probably wonder why these ‘youngens’ don’t respect you – try showing them a little!


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