Watching paint dry

After two days off it’s back to work tomorrow. I have had a busy few days gutting and decorating the bathroom and although it still isn’t finished, it is looking amazing compared to what it was. It reminded me of the good old days with Mrs Smith, going to random people’s houses, splashing a bit of a paint on the walls, getting the bus home and then to the chippy for tea. People are always suprised to hear that i used to be a decorator, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because i couldn’t drive and had to get all my gear on the bus! I was a cowboy but a nice one. I spent more time painting than drinking tea and always did a few extra bits for no extra money – I feel i should explain at this point that we were NOT decorating escorts! Here are a few of the things i did before Mrs Smith came along


Before – Very clinical looking for a sensory room in a nursery


After – Navy ceiling including a rainbow spanning 2 walls


Before – Half way through preparing the walls and logo


After – Room complete and one very happy little boy

I find decorating so therapeutic. It’s the one time that i can truely let my mind wander, I feel free of worry and it feels great. I do end up thinking of such random things though, I must have spent about 20 minutes thinking about whether there was a piece of cutlery that was spoon, fork and knife all in one. So I googled and… THERE IS ONE!!


I’m easily impressed

I love looking at the search terms people use to get to my blog, my favourite at the moment and the one that keeps popping up is ‘Squirrel balls’ – Hey, I’m not judging. Here’s a little something to, erm, enjoy!

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