The bus bug

I was up early for work this morning, I’m always suprised by just how busy the buses are at that time on a Saturday. There was one passenger I wasn’t expecting though…


This bad boy was over an inch and a half in length and I nearly sat on his knee! I did laugh at the woman’s face that ended up sitting there though, it was a look of pure horror! I googled ‘moths’ when i got home to try and figure out what type it was, instead i completely freaked myself out by seeing this…

Buff-tip Moth (Phalera bucephala)

Nope, it’s not just a bit of branch!!! Be scared, be very scared!

Work was ok but my highlight was the random comment a student came out with, whilst filling out an application form she said ‘writing feels so weird’. How on earth do you respond to that!? I just started tidying up leaflets until she had gone.

We went for a day trip to an antiques place called Dagfields on Friday morning. It basically loads of barns filled with ‘antiques’ or ‘crap’ for the common people amongst us. I love crappy shops and looking at the old bits people have collected over the years. Check me out in this get up!


The gun was only £16! Bargain!

And my favourite ‘collectable’


Mr Crapper was always going to be a sanitry specialist

Everything was quite expensive presumably because they were ‘antiques’ even the kinder egg toys and cindy dolls with legs and arms missing *rolls eyes* but the most ridiculous thing were the cafe prices. £4.50 for an egg and bacon barm. £7.25 for a bit of salad and a slice of ham!?!?!


Out of principle and no choice because of the veg content, I got a bowl of chips. Bet they were made with potatoes from WII or something!

I did have a lovely time and would definitely go again but I would have to go with an idea of what i was looking for, in mind. If you want a 1960s lampshade with pink fur on in the shape of a naked lady or the worst patterned china set in the world that was used by betty boop in the musical cats then this is the place for you!

After that we went to Stockport to go and get my cricket trainers – very exciting but we were stopped in our tracks by this…


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