His roar is worse than his bite

The only thing that will sum up what kind of day i have had is this picture of me…


Drowned rat

Soaked by the stupid 147 bus driver! These bastards have too much power when there are puddles! Even my knickers were wet! I’ve had a stress headache all day and this really did put the icing on it.

I’d like to do a little exercise with you all now. Not like squats or anything! When I am out walking Mylo i seem to get a range of reactions but i don’t understand some of them. So picture the scene – You are walking along the road and see me and Mylo approaching. The question is what do you ACTUALLY see, photo 1 or photo 2?


  Photo 1 – Me and Mylo

me and a tiger

Photo 2 – Me and a TIGER

If you chose Photo 2 may i suggest you get yourself to Spec Savers and don’t come back until you have got your eyes tested. Most people must see the giant man eating tiger. They in some cases cross the road, jump into bushes or even sprint past wailing and crying. I understand some people have phobias but some people are just plain rude about it, he is on a lead and the worst he would do is lick you to death, there are worse ways to go! Waiting for a bus is one of them! Look at this little face






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