The bell monitor

I am by no means the perfect bus passenger. I probably play M People and Level 42 far to loud and I have, on occasion, picked all the dog fur off my jacket and tossed it into the air but I am still considerate when it matters. I move up the seat to let other people sit down, I move down the bus when I have to stand up and I always wipe the condensation off the windows when I’m at the front so we can all see where we’re going. In recent days I have witnessed two extremes – both of which really p*ssed me off.

Person 1 – This inconsiderate little bastard wouldn’t move his skinny arse up. At one point his leg was crossed and his foot on her bag!! I resisted the temptation to pour the crumbs of my crisps on to his head.


Person 2 – This helpful harriet decided to stand at the front of the bus pressing the bell for every stop! EVERY stop! Admittedly the bus was full but clearly no one else’s fingers were strong enough to push in a bit of plastic. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of her so I’ll have to describe her instead. She was a nob.

In other news, I managed to staple my own finger last week. Those things should come with a warning!


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