Surfing the waves of ‘stuff’

I like being busy. And it’s a good job I do because im a passenger on the tidal wave of madness at the moment.

First of all and is clearly the most important, it’s Movember! As I can’t grow a tash, though age is helping this along quite nicely, i’m going to show my support the only way i can – my legs! Those of you that know me will be able to appreciate just how hairy my legs are so this year i will be shaving my leg hair into the shape of a moustache. I will post photos of how this is progressing!

Regular readers and fans will know that Mrs Smith and I design and print handmade cards and we were recently approached by a super cool shop in London who wanted to stock our cards. Eeeeeeek! It’s always been a dream of ours to have our stuff in a shop and to be in London is amazing! WOOP! Our website has had a revamp which we’re really pleased with. Just hope i don’t get bored and want to change it all again – I think Mrs Smith would actually kill me! Our folksy shop is nicely stocked up too So, in other doll related news, we had our first craft fair of the year this weekend which went really well (i’ll do another post about that) and we have another one to look forward to this weekend. Infact we’re pretty much fully booked up until christmas now! It’s usually our busiest time of year so i shouldn’t complain really. We’re hoping to be producing some videos of behind the scenes footage very soon so you can all hear my dull mancunian tones.

Here are a few of our new products


Next up, I have a mega boring essay to write for my library management course. I’m rubbish with big words and I hate the way simple questions are flowered up so much that you end up losing the actual question amongst it. It’s amazing how much stuff suddenly becomes urgent when you have something like this to do. I’d rather clean!





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