Happy New Year-ish

I know I’m a little late but better late than never my nana would say.

So, this is the post where I PROMISE to blog more only to stop after a few days. Probably best to savour this one until next year to avoid disappointment!

Not a bad start to the new year so far. Mrs Smith and I moved the bedroom round in the hope that it might look tidier. All that has happened is that the mess has just moved to a different place. I had a wash this morning, I’m currently ginger after i decided to live dangerously with a different hair colour and I have a lovely spot on my lip that makes me look like my lipstick is smudged. I wouldn’t mind, I can’t wear lipstick without looking like a tranny! That and eye shadow come to think of it.

First day back at work tomorrow, the heating will no doubt have been off for the last two weeks so I’ll probably spend the first half of the day defrosting my computer. I must admit, I have missed being at work. I like a little break now and again but I enjoy getting my free kitkat from the vending machine everyday, It’s like i’m finally getting my own back for all the times it has short-changed me over the years! I don’t know what i’ll do when I have to retire, I’ll probably be the smelly old weird woman who hangs around in cafes, slurping tea and sucking on toast.

Cricket training begins in less than 5 days now, I can’t wait. I have some new stuff to train in and I’ve bought some new spikes. Eeek! It makes me feel like I’m back at school again. Running around a sports hall without a care in the world, except I can’t run for as long anymore and my knees and hips make a creaking noise. I would go to the doctors but I fear what he may say… ‘It’s just your age!’




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