Green teabag-ing

First day back at work and I was early! 10 minutes EARLY! Even I couldn’t quite believe it. The roads, were clear, the bus passengers were pleasant.. I almost thought I had drifted back off to sleep again. And as if that wasn’t weird enough I then drank 2 cups of green tea! For those that know me, I dont do green stuff so this is a major achievement for me. I dont know what came over me, I went for break with some friends at work and before i even knew what i had ordered i was slurping the damn thing! It was ok actually, tasted quite like ‘normal’ tea. It did make me feel really thirsty after it though, is this normal!? Oh god, this could be the beginning of the end. I could be all dry and shrivelled up by morning! And are you supposed to leave the bag in whilst you drink it? I didn’t squeeze it, I just bobbed it up and down in the cup a few times.. Any tea drinking professionals, please get in touch!

After all that excitement it was a pretty regular day really though I did witness a man, on my way home, wearing sunglasses. Was he a gangster? Or have I watched too many films? All people who wear sunglasses when it isn’t sunny or its night time are dodgy, right? Does it matter that he was carrying a bright pink rabbit? It could have been stashed with anything!! Man, I could have witnessed a ‘hand over’ or got caught up in a heist. Seems I had a lucky escape, I could have been killed. KILLED!

Disclaimer: I do not over exaggerate nor do I judge.




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