Puddle drinker

It isn’t long after cricket training that i realise a) how old i am now and b) how unfit i am now. I’m still walking like John Wayne and my lower left arm feels like its been replaced with a chicken drumstick!

So, wordpress have launched something called ‘Zero to hero’ to help bloggers both old and new, make their blogs better. One of the things they suggested was telling you, my audience, something about me so i thought i’d try to find some stuff that not many people know otherwise this would be the most boring post in the world. Apart from the one where i announced that i had just woken up.

1) I am actually in the Guinness World Record book for being one of many to hula hoop for 2 minutes at the same time across the country or even the world! We’ll say the world, it sounds better. THE WORLD!

Here I am hooping

Here I am hooping

Signing the book, not as glam as you would think!

Signing the book, not as glam as you would think!

2) When I was younger I told the lead singer from D-Ream to ‘move!’ I was at Jodrell Bank with my mum and dad eating in the cafe and this guy was in my way so i told him to move. Little did i know he was there filming his video to ‘Party Up The World’ Ooops!

3) I once tried to drink out of a puddle when i was drunk. Knowing that only water would sober me up and the bouncers not allowing me to go in the club, it seemed like the most logical thing to do.

4) I have been on Coronation Street! I sat in Roy’s Rolls drinking tea and eating tea cakes. I was so convincing that people thought i actually liked eating them – I did not.


5) When i was younger I wanted to be Linford Christie.

They’re the most important ones for now..


One response to “Puddle drinker

  1. I’ll have to remember that puddle drinker stuff, just in the slim-est of chances I find myself totally intoxicated. Although highly unlikely to ever happen but that bit of information could be invaluable. Thank you for sharing that, I have never heard of this.

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