50mg of Nandos, 1 twice monthly

I’m so glad its the weekend! It’s the perfect opportunity for me to catch up on my sleep. I haven’t slept well this week and ive felt like the lurgey is starting to take over my body. There’s only one thing that gives my senses a good clearing out… Nandos! The ‘mild’ spices never fail to make my nose run and even cry. I’m such a wimp! Hopefully i feel back to normal tomorrow, they should prescribe Nandos on the NHS!

Last night, something happened to me that was one of the most stomach churning moments of my life. So I get in from work feeling a bit shit so i decide i’d have a little nap. I get all comfy on my sofa, spread my blanket out and relax. I felt a bit of ‘moisture’ on the sofa but put it down to Mylo’s dribble, I couldn’t be bothered moving. But then i realised it was too much moisture to be just dribble… I got up and to my horror i find out that i was lay on a FUR BALL!! Turns out the colour of our sofa should be classed as ‘fur ball’. It still knocks me sick just thinking about it. Safe to say after i had stripped off and cleaned the sofa i wasn’t tired!

This cheered me up though, a well placed bobble!




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