Jamaican Mondays

Leo has been such a cuddly fella recently, it’s really lovely hearing him purr away but it means he just dribbles EVERYWHERE! It’s not just a bit either, I imagine it’s what a cat with no teeth would be like. Sucking on its prey until it goes wrinkly like you do in the bath. i couldn’t resist taking a pic of his lovely pink pads though – cute!


Can anyone answer this – Why does the lady who serves at one of the cafes at work, take money off people wearing her super sterile gloves and then serve me my pizza in the same pair!? Is it not logical to use her own hands to serve on the till. Not that i’m suggesting she’s using someone elses hands. Maybe she is, maybe she just borrows a pair for work, they come with a free pair of gloves. I’m a sucker for a bargain!

On to cricket news now. My first injury-ish has come in the form of a poorly ankle. If this is the only thing that happens to me this season I will be overjoyed! The plan is to attach padding to every part of my body, you can never be too careful! We now have our very own blog too thanks to my lady. You can check it out here didsburywcc.wordpress.com

For some reason Mrs Smith seems to speak in a Jamaican accent on Mondays, well this Monday, and she only did it twice but anyway, it will forever be known as Jamaican Monday from now on! It isn’t that impressive really since whatever accent she tries ends up sounding indian!.



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