Wobbly teapots and dribbly tables

Other than hiccups there are 2 things in this world that annoy me more than anything.

The first, i actually experienced again today – wobbly tables. Why!? In what furniture making shop do they look at their finished wobbly product and say ‘excellent job team’? No matter what you try, leaning on it, putting your feet on the base, sticking paper underneath it, it doesn’t help and it becomes even more frustrating. Eating my dinner today was like lunching on a boat in stormy weather!



The second – dribbly teapots! How much tea is lost because of these ‘faulty’ pots. I am one of the lucky ones, my teapot is dribble free but millions of people round the world are scolding themselves each day. I am even convinced that the tea in these pots don’t taste as nice. Are these pots not fully tested before they are sold? I imagine a job as a ‘spout tester’ wouldn’t be the most thrilling job but an extremely vital one in my opinion.



Just one of these problems is bad enough but experiencing both at the same time doesn’t bear thinking about . Help me rid the world of these nightmares and make it a better place to live. Lets start a petition! Who’s with me!?



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