Stuck in the net

Thoughts of a lovely lie in slowly faded this morning when the building site next door begun drilling at 8.30! If you hate the sound of your alarm clock, feel free to swap beds with me for the night. Mrs Smith won’t mind as long as you can cope with her fidgeting! I then stepped in dog shit whilst out with Mylo and luckily for me I was wearing my cricket trainers that have teeny tiny grips for it all to get stuck in. Excellent.

Things got much better though, went to the local greasy spoon with Kipper. Had my usual sausage on toast which was yummy and then it was off to Lancashire Cricket Club, to meet up with Captain Barney so we could have a play in the nets. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the term ‘nets’ it doesn’t have anything to do with fishing (even though I did go with a Kipper!) It’s basically a hall with floor to ceiling netting around a wicket.


It’s such an inspiring place to go to, I always feel like a pro going into those nets. I even got interviewed whilst I was there


Ok so I wasn’t exactly interviewed and my microphone was in fact a pair of spoons but still! It was such fun with the ladies and great to see how much we have all improved since we began playing. It really is lovely to be part of such a supportive team with no dramas! After a good natter about all things cricket it was time to go home to start working on our new bookcases, no rest for the wicked!


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