Tour de Oxford Road

I cycled to work this morning wearing my new illuminous yellow top – who knew I could pull off illuminous yellow so well!?


It’s so nice cycling past all the buses, pointing and laughing at all the passengers. I used to be one of them, sweating during the summer because the heating was on, urging the driver to be a dare devil and try second gear, looking in awe at the skilful make-up lady.. One of the downsides of cycling is that you get to see a lot of ass and even more if they’re wearing lycra. There is only one type of sausage and eggs i want to see and it should be on a plate with some bacon and toast! There was a person in front of me today and I honestly couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman and the ass didn’t give anything away. He/she had the thighs of a wrestler but the hair of rapunzel – I thought it may get caught in the chain at one point and he/she would flip over the handle bars so i stayed well back just incase.

So, the fun really began at the library today – It’s Welcome Week! Or ‘Freshers week’ if you’re old school. Basically the library gets packed full of students and you get given lots of free stuff on Oxford Road, usually condoms – lucky me! But today, nothing! Not even a pen! I shouldn’t complain really, i did managed to get a photo with these two to add to my growing collection of fancy dress pals


Embarrassingly, we have the same eyebrows

I accidentally saw right up that woman's skirt!

I accidentally saw right up that woman’s skirt!

But seriously, where is all the free stuff!? Luckily us lovely lot at the library were on hand to dish out some card wallets and sweeties – who said the library wasn’t cool?




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