It’s all about the cycling

I woke up a little late today, i had to sacrifice straightening my hair so i wasn’t late for work! Fortunately I have been rocking the helmet hair look for weeks so i didn’t look any worse than usual! It was a nice gentle journey this morning, no gender confusing cyclists today. One thing i did notice though is these potential life threatening articles in the road



Conkers! It’s not even October yet! This could seriously start getting out of hand, as if looking out for dangerous driving, big massive holes in the road and stupid pedestrians wasn’t enough, we now have to start dodging these bad boys. With their bulky insides and their spiky shells they are just sat there waiting to cause as many punctures as possible without a care in the world.

In other cycling news, i passed this sorry state on my lunch



Despite the fact that it has been stripped and sold for parts its nice to see that the D-lock did actually do it’s job and was still safely attached to the fence.

Lastly, Mrs Smith was so out of breath after cycling home tonight that she vomited all over the stairs outside our front door. She’s a classy lady.


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