The perfect mug

Ok, I’m going to talk a bit about cycling again but i promise it won’t be everyday. Unless of course something dramatic happens like my wheel falls off or I find out the gender of that cyclist from the other day. Anyway, as a new cyclist I am still learning what’s acceptable and unacceptable in the cycling world. The million dollar question I always get asked is ‘Do you stop at red lights?’ – I do! I don’t want to die! But not all cyclists do, infact i would say well over 50% don’t. I see them every day darting through the lights, lyrca arses in the air, giving us good cyclists a bad name. But, drivers are no better – Not indicating, cutting you up, not checking mirrors – the list goes on. There will always be a battle on the roads between driver and cyclists but we must unite, join forces, come together (not in a crash style situation) to vent our frustrations about taxi drivers! Man, they piss me off but i’ll leave that for another day!

There was an exciting package waiting for me when i got home – my mug! Not just any mug though, my ‘I hate hiccups’ mug!  

10419493_10152772418709612_83106647150678026_n 10629795_10152772419469612_628732920243340041_n

It comes with a black rim and sturdy handle, It has been fully tested and I can confirm that my brew tasted even better than usual. You too can own this bad boy for the small fee of £7, just drop me an email to and we can sort out the nitty gritty.

In other news – A squirrel entered the library this morning presumably to find books about acorns. The poor little fella was all of a panic as he continued to try and get out by repeatedly running into the glass windows. Luckily in true sheepdog trial fashion one of the gents shouted and whistled as I rounded him up straight through the exit gate for 5 points – Result!


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