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The lasagne is in the oven and a brew is in hand, now I just need to sleep for 3 days. Welcome week is drawing to a close, one more day to go, the countdown has begun!

Mrs Smith excitedly came to get me this morning to show me a spiders web. I was a little confused about her excitement considering we both don’t like spiders and then I wondered whether she thought i had never seen one before – I didn’t want to spoil things so I went out waiting to be amazing by a cute web. Instead what i saw was the biggest web i have EVER seen. EVER! There it was suspended between the side of the house and the garage.There were a number of scary things about this; 1, This had been built overnight, OVERNIGHT! By the time I come home it could be completely covering the house! 2, How big must the spider be or even worse, was there a whole team of them!? I had visions of it lay on our sofa having a cigarette, flicking through the TV channels. Yuk! And 3, I could have run into that bad boy when I was running after Mylo! Here are some pics that you can just about see, I’ve played with the levels a bit on the second so you can see the detail

Red arrows point out where it is roughly

Red arrows point out where it is roughly


Luckily the spider was tiny but ugly, I’m not even considering that there could have been more than one!

Mrs Smith and I went to visit the start of year fair to see if they had any decent free stuff, I grabbed a paper bag so she could keep all her junk in as we walked round. Little did we know what the bag was and it was only as we sat in Starbucks that we noticed what she had been proudly carrying round. It was only a bag advertising sexual health!! No wonder there were so many on the table!


Wise words

As you can imagine we found this highly amusing, I felt like an embarrassed teenager again only older and with grey hairs

Blonde moment of the day – I was watching a video on bbc news and evening knowing that a) i was playing it and b) i was wearing headphones. I managed to jump out of my skin and look round behind me when the man started to speak. I need a holiday!



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