Sunday, Monday, Tuesday!

Sunday – I’ve had quite a crafty day today. I made Mylo a new bed because the replacement we got was too small for him, his arms and legs pretty much dangled over the sides! So using his Aunty Em’s old sleeping bag and some material I had left over from some cushions I started sewing. By hand! Several hours later and ta-da! He might have to wait for his evening snooze for a while though…

Snug little Disco Ball

Snug little Disco Ball

When Mrs Smith and I were mooching in town yesterday we got stopped by a very attractive foreign lady. She asked what skin care we both used – I don’t even wash! She was inviting people in for a ‘sample’ of their new skincare and judging by the condition of hers we trotted right in. I knew she was going to give us some fancy spiel but she was lovely and we didn’t want to say no. Here is where the differences between Mrs Smith and I show. Throughout it all, All i could think was ‘yeah but how much is it?’ whilst Mrs Smith was thinking ‘Oooh, how much is it!?’ The price for both was the small amount of £150, basically for some fancy soap probably bought from Aldi and repackaged into a fancy jar. To be fair, it did smell amazing and my hands felt super soft if not a little greasy afterwards. As soon as I heard the 1 of the £150 i could feel myself starting to laugh, Mrs Smith on the other hand was calculating what she could trade in. I’m pretty sure I was high up on the list!

When I got home I decided to google how to make body scrub and to my surprise it was super easy! All I needed was some sugar, oil and the juices of a good lime. It made my skin just as soft and it must have cost no more than about 50p…



 Monday – Don’t think I actually sat down all day!

Too busy to blog today!

Too busy to blog today!

Tuesday – I’m impatiently waiting for my lasagne, it has been in the oven for an hour and 10 minutes. It should have taken 35!




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