Sparkly Flippers

Drivers of the world, I need to check something with you. I’ve had a few driving lessons but maybe my instructor was teaching me wrongly. I always thought it was mirror, signal, manouvre? Apart from Taxi drivers obviously, they don’t use any. See, I ask because there are more and more drivers i spot when i’m on my bike that do it in a slightly different order.

It seems to be manouvre, signal (not compulsory), mirror. By the time they get to mirror, I’ve usually come to a halt and have begun cursing and ringing my bell. I know my bell is unlikely to be heard but it makes me feel better. Maybe I should upgrade to a giant horn

Comes with red nose and curly wig

Comes with red nose and curly wig

I’m sure Mrs Smith won’t mind me sharing her secrets with you, my fans, it’s too late if she does! So she seems to struggle with shin splints, obviously the worst kind in the whole world. She is naturally flat footed which I think is the cause but rather than buy suitable footwear which supports the arch of the foot she buys pumps with a bit of cardboard between her foot and the floor. Essentially she is wearing flippers with sparkly bits, luckily she is a pro at walking in them so doesn’t look too bad. But with my lanky, bandy legs and her feet flapping about me must look like a right pair!

Sad news – It was reported yesterday that Linda Bellingham’s cancer is terminal and she will stop all treatment in November. I must admit I had forgotten she had cancer so this came as an even bigger shock to me. I remember meeting her during our photoshoot for an Alzheimers Calendar, she is a lovely woman. Friendly, down to earth, funny. She had this amazing aura about her, It’s fair to say I was completely star struck. I can’t help getting teary eyed at the thought of someone not being able to fight anymore, knowing that they will die and there is nothing that can be done. I really hope her remaining few months are pain free and happy and she gets to spend one last Christmas with her family… It certainly makes you realise the important things in life.


One response to “Sparkly Flippers

  1. Yeah, I was really saddened to hear of Linda Bellingham’s plight. I wasn’t aware she had cancer but I think it’s really brave of her to admit she’s ready to give up. I’m sure celebrities are often made to feel they must go on fighting to the bitter end when all they probably want to say is leave me alone, let me not be that strong, role model who keeps smiling through the pain, let me just do what I want to do.

    Rachel K

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