King of the #selfie


It’s fair to say i’m in a stressful and bad mood at the moment. I can feel my head sprouting grey hairs as i type! For those that aren’t regular readers (why aren’t you!?) I suffer with anxiety and I always know when its getting bad again because i find it difficult to simmer down once i’ve reached boiling point. I can feel myself bubbling under the surface. Ok enough of the boiling pan puns now, you get the general idea.

Leo loves to have cuddles with me when i get home from work and yesterday he was particularly snuggly. I decided to take some photos of him except he got a little too close to the camera and i ended up managing to get this

King of the selfie

King of the selfie

I absolutely love it! It was just sheer fluke that i still had my finger on the button and it carried on taking photos. Here’s some more of the handsome chappy, not quite as close up!

10444557_10152802584894612_759087622707757930_n 10501886_10152802584959612_83953490139738023_n

I realised something whilst i was washing the pots tonight. (If you’re eating you may want to come back and read this later.) Contrary to what Mrs Smith thinks sometimes I do the washing up but I hate it when the plates are put in the sink with bits still on them. When i put my hands in the water all i can feel are all those bits floating about and it makes me feel really really queasy. People say that things from your childhood can effect you in later life and then I realised… One thing that i always remember from primary school was the sink in our classroom. We always used it to wash our hands after we had been painting and this one time I went over to it but someone hadn’t pulled the plug out.. And someone had vomited in it! Bits of carrott and pea and other random bits floating around and i had nearly put my hands in it!! The feeling of queasyness i had then feels exactly the same as i have now. Just thinking about it knocks me sick – you can imagine the smell after it had been disturbed and was being flushed away. Still to this very day we never found out who the mystery vomiter was!


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