Return of the moaning bus post

After a successful 4 weeks of cycling to work it finally came to an end today. It was windy and rainy and a little too scary for me so I had to brave the bus instead. It was like I had woken up and then had a nightmare except I was now awake and living it in real time. The traffic and people seem to double when it’s raining,I should probably clarify – I don’t mean the fatness of people, though if that’s that the case some people at my bus stop have been out in a topical storm.

Big people

Big people

I just about managed to get on a bus which already stunk of wet dog, yay, then it was just a case of sitting patiently and waiting – which is not my strong point. 50 minutes later and I had finally arrived at my destination, traveling at an average speed of 3.5 miles per hour. I’m convinced we were overtaken by a slug at one point! Then on the way home there was a serial sniffer on board, I can’t explain how much this annoys me! She even said to me her friend ‘I’ve got a bit of a sniffle’ A SNIFFLE!?, you could literally see her dregging every bit of snot in her body up to her nostrils. I know not everyone has tissues with them but that’s what sleeves are for! Luckily i managed to avoid punching her before she got.

As the proud owner of a giant spider web I’m very dubious as to how real this web is Firstly, the spider looks bigger than an inch and half and secondly how the hell did he move it!? Does, he himself, have 8 legs!? As a seasoned photoshopper i’m thinking there is more to this than meets the eye.

Other news – I’m going to keep this bit brief. British gas are a bunch of nobs. The end.

Mrs Smith submitted a great photo for my blog today – At least they still had a wheel!

Maybe they could turn it into a unicycle?

Let’s hope they can unicycle!


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