Today was not a good day for cycling! I couldn’t cope with getting the bus again and to my joy when i looked out of the window, it wasn’t raining. Unfortunately it didn’t stay that way for long, when i opened the front door to leave it was like someone upstairs was just pouring water from a large bucket. So off I went with my super cool new luminous waterproof helmet cover not that it made much difference to my hair, I should have put shampoo and conditioner on before I left! Everything was going ok as it could be considering I couldn’t see and then in a spectacular Hollywood style stunt I skidded, trying to avoid being knocked off my bike. He was that close I could touch his bonnet! Luckily I managed to stay upright and despite my theatrical warm waving and cursing I got nothing. No apology, not even an acknowledgment, he just continued to look beyond me like i wasn’t there. Maybe my new helmet cover had made me invisible! Then on the way home, I was quite happily cycling along when I cycled through a puddle only for there to be a grid without its cover on! I think the cycle gods are trying to finish me off!

The following paragraph comes with a soppyness rating of V (Very) those with a stone heart should look away now.

Last night Mrs Smith took a big step, a giant sized step and it made me the proudest girlfriend in the world. Earlier this year she was diagnosed with bi-polar and last night she came out of the closet (not the gay one because she is already out, unless you didn’t know. If you didn’t, just forget that last bit.). It has been a difficult few years for both of us but now we have a diagnosis i think our future together can really begin. I say ‘we’ because we are in it together, every minute, every day, every step – I will be there. God i hope they are not song lyrics! One of the hardest things is not being able to speak to people about it because it comes with that stigma, you know the one. People immediately associate it with words like ‘mental’, ‘crazy’, ‘mad’ but having this awful ‘thing’ doesn’t mean she is a different person. She is still beautiful, talented and funny… I doubt anyone will ever understand what it’s like unless you have gone through it, i know i struggle, but one thing i do know is that support from people you love makes a huge difference. Tell them you love them, listen to them, cuddle them – that is the best kind of therapy they will ever have.

Me and Mrs Smith

Me and Mrs Smith


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