Special delivery

Well it looks like the rain has well and truly settled in for the rest of the year doesn’t it!? I got a super soaking on my way home, you know its bad when you trousers are actually stuck to your legs and you can pour water out of your shoes!

Today at work i had a special delivery courtesy of my Nana in the sky


I had been sat on the floor doing some work and as i got up noticed it on the floor next to me, at first i thought it was a spider and screamed! A slightly tatty black feather, presumably because i’m slightly tatty too. Mrs Smith I know what you are thinking and I am only slightly!! I’ve come across a few white feathers before but never a black one so I googled it.

When you find black feathers, it means that the guardian of your soul is near. The feathers are there to remind you that you don’t fight your battles of darkness in life alone.”

I went all goose pimply reading it but i felt so comforted particularly after yesterday’s revealing post. My nana always looked out for me when she was alive and in the past i have felt like she has been with me. What are the chances of that feather finding me and today, it wasn’t as if i was in the middle of a field with bird feathers everywhere! I know some of you may be reading this thinking, what a load of old tosh but it doesn’t really matter to me. No one will ever really be able to prove this sort of thing is ‘real’ but It could be a possibility and a possibility is all i need to believe.

In other news, I have really sore eyeballs.


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