She’s a girl!

Exciting news – On my cycle this morning i found myself overtaken by the confusing gender cyclist! He/she was wearing white shorts with mud splattered up the crack and maroon leggings.As we stopped at the lights he/she gave a little look over their shoulder – female! Last time i saw wrestler thighs, about a month ago, she pulled away from me never to be seen again but today I went sailing past her. I was almost tempted to wave as i went past, oh the joy! I guess she will never know that we are in fact in a race and after today’s journey its 1 – 1.Yes!

I have just finished off a medium pepperoni passion from Pizza Hut. I should have gone for a small and got the cookie dough for desert! Damn it! I absolutely love my food and growing up I always wondered why i never put weight on, i’m certainly making up for it now. I have 4 chins and the only sick pack i have is in the fridge! I’m not one of these people that thinks they look fat, I know i’m not but i do know when i am big ‘for me’. I’ve developed a little muffin top and my guns are more like water pistols, i can no longer rely on just doing a few sit ups and carrying my mums shopping in. So to try and motivate myself i have decided to do one of the cycletta cycles next year. It’s so far into the next year the dates haven’t even been released yet! My aim is to do the 20k in less than an hour. I don’t know if that is a good time or not but from looking at the results only one person has ever done it in less than an hour. I should point out that it is a women’s only race, I will not be completing again big burly men. To help my guns, I’ll just have to drink more tea.

Look, its Vicky Pendleton starting 'em off!

Look, its Vicky Pendleton starting ’em off!


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