Bad move #hollyoaks

Before I begin getting a bit controversial. Am i the only person that thinks my stats looks like they are giving me the finger..


So, I love watching the soaps especially Corrie and Hollyoaks. I don’t know what it is about them i like, I guess i’m interested in people and their lives. It is after all ‘real life’ isn’t it! I think it’s great how these programmes are able to raise awareness and educate on lots of different issues and although usually they do a great job, I feel very differently about the bi-polar storyline in Hollyoaks. There are a few different types of bi-polar and although it isn’t a one size fits all they do carry some similarities. The character in Hollyoaks is currently in psychiatric care as she had begun ‘acting out’, hallucinating about her dead lover and is now paranoid that her partner and daughter are trying to poison her. My concern is that people watching this, that have never come across it before, will presume that all bi-polarbears (it’s what they are known as – cute!) are like that. It also upsets me that people watching would think it’s what Mrs Smith is like and it’s not. I appreciate for some, this is what it’s like but you don’t have to become aggressive or hear voices to be bi-polar, those with less subtle symptoms find it much more difficult to get a diagnosis and so struggle on day to day with no hope. Surely this would have been a better way of educating people about the signs and symptoms? To handle it with care and try and change the stigma attached with illnesses such as these? Instead they have made them look like typical stereotypes of mental illness!

Bad move Hollyoaks, bad move.


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