Cheesy crumpet

This weekend has been very productive and it must be because for breakfast on Saturday I had, and don’t judge me, crumpets with plastic cheese on top. YUM!

Don't knock it till you've tried it!

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

For those that don’t know, Mrs Smith and I have a bit of a sideline to our usual 9 – 5 job, we design and create cards, prints, jewellery etc. We have a go at everything really, or at least i do. There’s a good reason why i’m called Delboy but that is for a totally different blog post! Our little company is called Eskimo Circus but we will probably still be known as Broken Doll Collective – those girls who caused mayhem on Folksy! To keep a long story short, we designed a ‘congratulations on your divorce’ card which certainly split opinions on the forums but no marriages that we are aware of! So to go along side our relaunch, I’ve done some new designs including a gay range which I am really pleased. Here are a few old and new

OAP Handmade Birthday Card Older Wiser Handmade Birthday Card Update Facebook Gay Men Wedding Card big gay wedding day Gay-bride-wedding-card Drink Wine Handmade Birthday Card 21 plus a bit more birthday card Frankie Says Eat Cake Handmade Birthday Card

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I also got to play on my new sewing machine – Janet. I decided to make Mylo a doggy snood! Ha! I kinda had to make it up as i went along, basically i cut up a scarf, put a cotton lining in it and sewed it into a tube! Ta-dah!

Handsome puppy

Handsome puppy

I need to get this out of my system – What is it with fucking Donny Osmond!? Why do people love him so much? People treat him like he’s god! And why do all the old ladies swoon over him!? He annoys me SO much! I love my Strictly and now Brucie has gone i’m only left with Tess to get rid of now but to my disgust they bring Donny on as a guest judge!! Why!? Talk about putting a dampener on someones weekend. They’ll be a repeat of ‘An audience with the Osmonds’ to torment me soon no doubt. How many of them are there? There must be enough for one per country, either that or there’s just him with a load of mirrors. But anyway back to my original point, he’s a dick.


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